The Feel Fresh Fast Start Method
Are You Ready to Start Drinking Less, TODAY? 
If now is the time to Feel Fresh, Calm & Confident without the bottle, you’re in the right place! 
Which one or more of these are you;
  Curious & Cautious: You're new to changing your relationship with alcohol. You don't want to be
drinking as much or as often as you currently are, but you also wouldn't call yourself an 'alcoholic'. You haven't yet found the right solution that 'suits' you.
  Sick and Tired:  You're simply sick and tired of your current relationship with alcohol. You don't want to be drinking as much or as often as you currently are, so you know it's time to make a change.
  Excited, Longer Term Thinkers: You're interested in creating a relationship with alcohol you love and respect. You don't want to give up alcohol all together. You love the idea of controlling how much or how often you drink.
But who specifically is this designed for?
The Feel Fresh Fast Start Program has specifically been designed for;
  • The CEO
  • ​The business owner
  • ​The Team Leader
  • ​The Artist
  • ​The Entrepreneur
  • ​And ultimately, this program is for you if;

👉 You know how to get shit done & achieve results in other areas of your life

👉 You have something specific you want to focus on right now and 100% know that alcohol is sabotaging that focus, energy, productivity & next level of success

👉 You have a clear understanding and consciously know that if alcohol was kicked to the curb for even a short period of time, you would reach your deepest potential & highest level of success in your career, relationships or both!

👉 This commitment to yourself is less about drinking less & more about making a commitment to other areas of success. You know now is the time to let go of alcohol as you simply have too much to focus on, achieve and experience!

“There are people in your arena who aren’t as smart, capable, ambitious, motivated, or enthusiastic as you but because they don’t drink as much, they automatically have a competitive advantage” 

Still reading??

YEP - It’s so great to have you here and congratulations on making it this far on your commitment too Choice & Freedom

The Feel Fresh Fast Start Program is a 4 week intensive drink less program where you will learn and walk away knowing how to;

  • Start, maintain & complete a detox period for yourself 
  • ​Stick to your commitments around your alcohol consumption 
  • ​Switch off at the end of the day without alcohol
  • ​Perform at a high level even if you are in an industry that influences alcohol consumption (Corporate, Hospitality, Social Situations etc) 
  • ​Master the art of confidence without needing to reach for a wine. Whether that is drinking alone at home or in social situations)
  • ​Learn how to manage and release stress, pressure & tension when needed, without alcohol  
  • ​And ultimately, walk away experiencing what it’s like to operate and function at the level you know you can – It’s time for your true passion, productivity & success to reach new heights

Still with us? 

Wow, we knew this was right up your alley 😊 

So, what happens from here & how does this work?

Once you make the commitment to drinking less, you’ll gain immediate confirmation your spot has been secured & receive any relevant information to make sure you are all set for your start date.

Congratulations by the way! 

As a Feel Fresh Fast Start Member you will gain access to;

👉 A private members community – To ensure intimacy and attention from lead Drink Less experts Tom Cartwright & Nat Hodges. We are all in this together and everyone WILL succeed 

👉 4 Live Masterclasses via Zoom with Tom Cartwright, Nat Hodges & members - During these masterclasses we will break down the 5 Steps to changing your relationship with alcohol. 

👉 Access to an exclusive online members portal where you will receive your 5 Step Feel Fresh Method video course & additional resources

👉 Weekly Q&A to answer any and all obstacles, hurdles or challenges you may have along the way

👉 And of course, you will receive everything you need to make sure you are ready, certain & confident to crush your Feel Fresh Journey! 

Secure your Feel Fresh Fast Start seat & finally overcome a problem you’ve been wanting to for years with a one-off payment of $1997. 

Spots are limited and filling quickly

Hang on, lets look after that one little whisper in the ear “What if this wasn’t what I expected or doesn’t suit me?”

If for any reason at all, you don’t think, feel or believe you have been 100% looked after, simply send us an email and we’ll refund 100% of your investment. No questions asked!

Yep, that’s right. Anytime from today, through till the end of the program, simply send us an email saying “Not Feeling Fresh” and we’ll refund 100% of your investment. No questions asked!

Have a couple of last minute questions?

Click this button to book in a qualifying call with Tom Cartwright to see if it’s a good fit for you & want you need to succeed 😊

Please note: This is an obligation free qualifying call and does not mean you have joined the program. During the call we’ll see if The Fast Start Method will be beneficial to you and if so, make sure you are set for success.

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